Fashion Tips For Workaholics

“The truth is, every successful person is a workaholic”. Today’s competitive world gives you almost no space to commit mistakes. You have to be an amiable perfectionist, to gain trust and respect from the people, be it in your office, or any other place. “Rome was not built in a day”. The trick is to keep working and take very little breaks. The moment you feel you’re at the top and then stop putting in efforts, the next minute you’re down with a thud. So, amongst the never stopping race, have you ever wondered how would you match up to your own expectations? Well, we can’t give suggestions in the professional sector, but here are some fashion tricks that’d enhance your aura, make your look stand out from the crowd, and that’s where the journey of success commends!

1- Keep in touch with the latest trends

We’re not asking you to go out to the malls and check out their latest collections. We know that is an impossible thing for you to do, regarding your hectic schedule. But a 10 minutes peek into the trending websites like Myntra and Flipkart should not suppose to burden you. Whenever you’re sipping coffee or just relishing tea, just take out your phone and see what’s in fashion. Order your favourites and forget, and then, Yay, at your doorstep you’ll see some fabulous attires, just to make you look more attractive!

2- Know about the offers

Almost all the e-commerce websites today want to prove that they are the best. Hence, in the bottle neck competition between these companies, people like you and me gain profit. Myntra cashback offers would be easily available if you look on the internet, which is not at all a tedious process. After all, some searching could make your pockets and your confidence, smile! Also, other organisations are also not behind, AJIO cashback is also easily available, so who’s going to stand in the heavy queues of the malls?

3- Try to compare the prices

Do not rely on a single website for all your requirements. I know it’s a little tough for you to flip between websites, but, you don’t have to be a part of the chaos of the market, and all it takes is a mere 10-20 minutes. Websites like AJIO offer cashbacks, which are sometimes more than another website. So compare the prices amongst all these e-commerce websites, and once you find a company that not only offers cashbacks, but is also less priced than others, you’ve got your shopping partner! Just before going to bed, or during lunch breaks, a little shopping won’t hurt anyone!

What are you still pondering? You have an opportunity to look stunning, catching everybody’s attention at work, without even having to suffer the headache of taking the day off and do the grabbing and snatching for your favourite items at malls during sales. Not only attires, you could have your favourite purse, matching shoes, and complementary jewellery at these stores too! Not only your money is saved, but also your style quotient increases.

5 Professional Tips for Women in the Workplace

Women face both similar and different challenges in the workplace. For that reason, there are some special tips that women should embrace to increase the odds of success. While working women have made great progress in the past three decades landing a higher percentage of highly-coveted management jobs, there are still obstacles on the way to the top. For success, women must approach the workplace in a very calculated manner. Below are some tips for every ambitious female aspiring to greatness.

1. Find a successful mentor who can help you navigate the corporate landscape. Older women who paved the way for the next generation can provide invaluable insights for female professionals who are still learning how to move ahead in the workplace. Some companies have formal mentoring programs, but many do not. Finding a mentor does not have to be a company sanctioned, formal process. Reaching out to a helpful, older female for advice is usually enough to establish the mentor relationship. Women who have “made it” in the corporate world are often eager to share tips with younger women.

2. Dress for success so that business associates will take you seriously. Wearing power colors is key for being noticed. The best suit colors for women are royal blue, emerald green, red and magenta. Buying a style that flatters your body shape always makes fashion sense for the workplace. Stay away from suit jackets that look like your father’s. This masculine cut will make you appear frumpy and out of touch. Never wear revealing clothes to work. Jewelry should be tasteful and used as bold accents. Shoes should not be noticeable. Wearing a bit of makeup to enhance your eyes and skin tone is a good idea. Finally, it is important that your hairstyle be fresh and up to date without being too extreme and funky. All of these factors create your image.

3. Take care of yourself and unwind in the evenings and on the weekends. Being well rested and rejuvenated for work will provide the energy you need to excel and compete. Workaholics typically burn out early in the race, losing their perspective and ability to compete.

4. Define success in your own terms, setting definite career goals for yourself. If you don’t approach your career with a gameplan, it is impossible to know how to navigate. As obvious as this sounds, you must know where you want to go in order to get there.

5. Assess your strengths and weaknesses as honestly as possible. Don’t just focus on your liabilities. Be honest about your assets too, as they will be your guide to the career that best suits your personality and strengths.

Time-Management Made Easy – 10 Simple Steps

Implementing a few minor time-management strategies into your day can make all the difference in many areas of your life. Most importantly your productivity, hence income, will increase. Stress levels will decrease as your organisation improves. You will find you have “more hours in the day”, because you will be completing tasks in a more organised fashion, you will spend more time on the things and people you love, and the list goes on. Now, before you tune out …. I’m not suggesting you MUST stick to a set routine each day, starting work at the same time each morning etc., I mean what would be the point of “being your own boss”? What I am suggesting is to FINE-TUNE YOUR DAY, so you get more out of it.

I’m sure we have all wished at some time or another that we could find the magic formula for the ultimate time-management plan. The reality is time management ideas are as vast as there are people on this earth, different techniques work for different people. With a few simple strategies we can all benefit enormously, there is no need to obsess over it, though. I think that ruins the whole working-from-home experience. So let’s just stick to a few simple ideas that you can easily implement.

What you must remember is that working from home is quite different to working in a mainstream j-o-b (I’ve heard it stands for just-over-broke), hence your time-management strategies are not going to be the same as when you were employed. Being your own boss should allow you to create a schedule that fits in with your life, not the other way around.

What Is Time-Management?

Basically it is the art of arranging and scheduling one’s most precious resource – time. Even if you perceive your schedule as being fairly loose (ie you haven’t got deadlines or appointments – in the traditional sense, anyway) it is probably the most essential part of your business, without it not much will get done. Maintaining a fine balance between work and home responsibilities under the same roof takes some effort. The whole idea of effective time management is the art of planning ahead.

In order to avoid getting off track and resuming those “bad” time-management habits of employed life, such as being at work on time, eating lunch at a certain time, leaving for home at another certain time, being guilt-ridden for not getting certain tasks done during your day etc., I have formulated a simple 10 step plan to make your work-at-home experience a pleasurable one. Time-management does not have to be complicated or too restrictive as the more traditional methods might suggest.

Time-Management – 10 Simple Steps To Success:

1. Organise Your Workspace
If your workspace is a disaster, you will waste precious time trying to work efficiently in a disorderly place.

2. Organise Your Home Space
Even if your work schedule and workspace are well organised, you don’t want to be distracted by all those odd-jobs etc. that need doing in your home while you’re working.

3. Allow Yourself To Have “Work Time” And “Home Time”
The trick here is to let the work stuff go when it’s home time, and let the home stuff go when it’s work time. I know it’s not the easiest thing in the world, but you must teach yourself to separate the two. Otherwise it’s easy to either become a workaholic and have no leisure time, or on the other hand, get absorbed in your favourite TV shows etc. and get no work done. No work = No money! Simple as that. Balance is the key here folks.

4. Write Tomorrow’s To-Do List Today
This little tip will save you hours each day of time-wasting fidgeting before you get started. Also, just knowing that you can face the day with your list of tasks already prepared will allow you to be more relaxed in your leisure time. You won’t need to feel distracted with “gee now let me see, what do I have to do tomorrow”, that’s just a waste of your precious time. Not to mention, if you plan ahead, you’ll get a much better night’s sleep as well…trust me, it works! The whole point of working from home is to get the job done, make loads of money, and then get on with the business of enjoying your actual life.

5. Get Those Tedious Tasks Out Of The Way First
No use hiding it, we all have little jobs daily that we don’t exactly find thrilling or inspiring. Obvious as this might be, it’s always a relief to get the tedious, boring stuff out of the way first. This way you have the interesting aspects of your work to look forward to, also you end your day on a high note and you’re ready for the more fun bit of your life – my favourite – leisure time!

6. Find Your Personal Prime-Time
Finding your personal prime-time could be THE most important asset for those of us working from home. This means finding out when you are at your most alert, productive and energetic in the cycle of any given day, and then use these times to produce most of your work. This could be morning, noon, afternoon, evening or night time, there really are no rules except those that you inflict upon yourself.
By discovering your prime-time of mental alertness you will find it takes you half the time to complete tasks when you’re bright and chirpy, as opposed to when you are feeling lethargic and sluggish.

7. Don’t Set Yourself Up For Failure
Set achievable and realistic goals for each day, and complete general tasks like emails etc on the same day you receive them so they don’t pile up. Don’t set too many tasks for any particular day and then find you can’t possibly complete them in the hours you have allocated for work. I cannot stress this enough, if your goals are unrealistic, you will always feel as if you’ve achieved nothing which can set you up for certain failure of your home business. Be kind to yourself, set yourself the same amount of goals you might set for someone else to perform. Don’t be harsher on yourself than you would be on a complete stranger, make it all achievable and you’ll have a great life.

8. Schedule Recreation Time
It’s all too easy to end up in a rut, even for those with the best intentions. Next thing you know, you’re working 20 hours a day, you’re missing out on recreation and leisure time with your family and friends and it all starts to feel like a bit of a grind. Sure you have to work a bit harder when you first start out, that’s just normal. However, even during that time (as well as later) make sure you actually schedule recreation time, play your favourite sport, catch up with family & friends etc. By taking control of your life, you will find you are more productive during your working hours. Along with working to your own schedule, enjoy your freedom, family and friends is what it’s all about at the end of the day.

9. Reward Yourself After You Have Completed A Project
Often we’ll put in big days, make great money and forget to say “thanks” to ourselves, where we’d definitely offer that courtesy to an employee/a relative etc. I’m not suggesting you make a public spectacle of it, people might think you’re weird. But by giving yourself a treat for a job well done, you become the master of your own destiny. Don’t wait for the approval of others (ie.your boss etc.) before you feel worthy, do it for yourself, it’s very empowering.

10. Don’t Be A Procrastinator
If the task ahead looks just too big to deal with all at once, don’t avoid it rather break it up into smaller more manageable portions, as you get each one done you’ll realise it took you less time and effort than you initially thought possible. Just keep moving forward and you’ll get there sooner!

Without implementing even basic time-management techniques you will find your work-at-home life is characterized by last minute rushes to meet dead-lines, days which are filled with one type of crisis or another, and general fatigue. This sort of environment is totally unproductive and can lead to working long hours with little achievement, and worst of all for little financial return. Remember, No work = No money.

I urge you to implement the above techniques as well as discover what suits your own personality and vision. The importance of developing these skills is they help you keep your work-life and home-life under control, at the same time helping keep stress levels to a minimum. Once you manage to extract the most productivity and enjoyment out of your day you can really start achieving your personal goals, dreams and ambitions.